Speech Therapy: What is Cluster Reduction?

What is Cluster Reduction in Speech?

Children can encounter many different kinds of mistakes while learning to speak. We’ve all seen sitcoms or movies during which the younger sibling adorably mispronounces words, saying things such as “fren” instead of “friend.” This type of mistake is actually called cluster reduction. Cluster reduction in speech is when a consonant cluster, that is two or three consonants occurring in sequence in a word (like “nd” in friend), is reduced by a child into a single consonant through omission. Another example would be pronouncing “cold” as “coal” or “spider” and “pider.” Your child might do this in certain situations or continue to do it more and more over time.

Cluster reduction is one of many common phonological “errors” or processes that a child might run into while he or she is learning proper speech. Every language has rules about how sounds can be combined. There’s even a name for the science of speech sounds and sound patterns; it’s called “phonology.”  Because learning is a process and the brain naturally likes order and patterns, sometimes children will develop their own rules for pronouncing words – generally this is to make the pronunciation of words easier.

Experiencing phonological processes is very natural; in fact, most children go through specific patterns of simplifying their speech when they are learning to talk. This particular phonological process generally develops when a child is between 2-3 years of age and, while there is individual variation between children, it will generally clear up on its own by the time your child reaches 3 1/2 years of age.

Treatment for Cluster Reduction

Having said this, if your child is at about this age (around 2-4 years old) and is still having problems or is unintelligible, you should think about contacting a speech-language pathologist to have your child’s speech evaluated. Another important thing to know about cluster reduction is that it is a phonological error; in other words, it is not a physical disability that is causing the combination of consonants, but a difficulty in pronouncing these sounds in certain contexts. If your child continues to speak with cluster reduction past an appropriate age then he might have a phonological process disorder.

While this might sound unsettling, there’s no reason to panic. Speech language pathologists (SLPs) are trained in articulation treatments that can generally correct phonological process disorders. Treatment may involve demonstrating how to produce the sound correctly, learning to recognize correct and incorrect sounds, and practicing sounds in different words through repetition. A speech-language pathologist will also be able to recommend games and at-home practices to do with your child in order to enhance the treatment process.

If you believe your child is experiencing a phonological process disorder it is best to get him or her evaluated as soon as possible. If it turns out that treatment is recommendable for your child, then he or she will benefit from the early start.

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