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Explore a wealth of insights, expertise, and guidance within our curated collection of articles, providing invaluable resources and knowledge to support the holistic development of children at Chicago Speech Therapy.


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"We had the most wonderful experience with Chicago Speech Therapy! Our speech pathologist, Miss Megan, developed a bond with our son almost immediately. By week two, he would await her arrival by the window in our front door! She quickly discovered all of his favorite things and would bring so many toys of her own that would keep him engaged and wanting to talk! She gave us (parents) tons of strategies to work with on our own in between her weekly visits. Our son made consistent progress under her care and has now been released from speech therapy ~ which actually makes us so sad ~ simply because we miss Miss Megan! She basically became part of our family and will be dearly missed. I couldn’t recommend Miss Megan and Chicago Speech Therapy more!"

"The process w/ CST was smooth, from the intake process, registration, processing insurance to on-going communication. Sarah was the Speech Therapist for our 9-year-old and she established a wonderful rapport with her and gained her trust over the months. I highly recommend CST."

5-Star Google Reviews
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Speech Therapy Services We Offer

Our expert speech-language pathologists are equipped to address a wide range of communication challenges, providing tailored solutions for each child's unique needs. From early language development to complex communication disorders, we offer comprehensive support at every stage of your child's journey.