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Road Number Mats

Learning to write numbers is a crucial step in early childhood development, and making it enjoyable is key to fostering a love of learning. Our Road Number Mats activity transforms number practice into an exciting adventure, where children can “drive” their way to numeracy success!

Why Learning Number Formation Matters

  • Math Foundation: Recognizing and writing numbers lays the groundwork for understanding numerical concepts, counting, and basic mathematical operations.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Tracing numbers strengthens hand-eye coordination, pencil grasp, and other fine motor skills essential for writing and drawing.
  • Visual-Spatial Awareness: Following the path of the road and tracing the number helps children develop visual-spatial skills, crucial for reading, writing, and navigation.
  • Number Sense: Repeated practice with number formation reinforces number recognition and strengthens a child’s overall understanding of numeracy.

Driving into Number Mastery with Road Number Mats

Our Road Number Mats activity takes a multi-sensory approach to learning numbers, engaging children’s visual, tactile, and kinesthetic learning styles. Here’s how it works:

  1. Visual Recognition: Each mat features a large, clear numeral and a corresponding road shaped like the number. Children can visually associate the numeral with its shape and quantity.
  2. Tactile Exploration: Using a toy car or their finger, children trace the path of the road, physically experiencing the shape of the number. This tactile input reinforces their understanding of the numeral’s form.
  3. Kinesthetic Learning: As they “drive” the car or trace the road with their finger, children engage their whole body in the learning process, making it more interactive and memorable.
  4. Repetition and Reinforcement: By repeatedly tracing the roads, children solidify their number recognition and develop muscle memory for writing each numeral correctly.

What’s Included

  • Road Number Mats 0-20: 21 printable mats, each featuring a different number from 0 to 20, designed as a winding road.
  • Clear Instructions: Easy-to-follow instructions for parents, teachers, and therapists.
  • Extension Ideas: Suggestions for additional activities to further enhance number learning.

How to Prepare and Use

  1. Print and Laminate: Print the road number mats on cardstock or regular paper. For durability, laminate them for repeated use.
  2. Choose a Vehicle: Select a toy car, truck, or any small object that can be easily moved along the road.
  3. Drive and Trace: Guide your child to “drive” the vehicle along the road, tracing the shape of the number. Encourage them to say the number aloud as they trace.

Bonus Activities

  • Road Race: Create a racetrack with multiple mats and see who can trace all the numbers the fastest.
  • Number Order: Arrange the mats in numerical order and have your child drive through them sequentially.
  • Counting Challenge: Count the number of curves or turns in each road.
  • Story Time: Create stories about the cars or trucks driving along the roads, incorporating number concepts into the narrative.


Road Number Mats offer a fun and engaging way to transform number learning into a playful adventure. This multi-sensory activity not only helps children master number formation but also promotes fine motor skills, visual-spatial awareness, and a positive attitude towards math.

Ready to embark on a number-filled road trip? Download our free printable Road Number Mats and get your child excited about learning numbers!

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