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My First Writing Numbers Book

Learning to write numbers is an exciting milestone for young learners. It sets the foundation for essential math skills and opens the door to a world of understanding and communication. Our “My First Writing Numbers Book” is designed to make this journey enjoyable and effective, providing a structured, multi-sensory approach that caters to different learning styles and stages of development.

Why Learning Number Formation is Important

  • Math Foundation: Number writing is the first step towards understanding numerical concepts, counting, and performing calculations.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Tracing and writing numbers strengthens hand-eye coordination, pencil grasp, and other fine motor skills necessary for writing and drawing.
  • Visual-Motor Integration: The process of visually observing a number and then recreating it on paper helps children develop the ability to coordinate their visual perception with their motor movements, an essential skill for reading, writing, and other academic tasks.
  • Numeracy Confidence: Mastering number formation builds confidence in early math skills and sets the stage for future academic success.

A Leveled Approach to Learning

Our “My First Writing Numbers Book” offers three progressive levels of learning, each designed to build upon the previous one:

  1. Tracing: This level introduces children to the shape of each number through guided tracing exercises.
  2. Copying: Children practice copying numbers from a visual model, reinforcing their understanding of number formation and building independence.
  3. Writing from Memory: In this final level, children independently write numbers from memory, demonstrating mastery of number formation.

Multi-Sensory Learning for Enhanced Retention

In addition to the leveled workbook activities, we encourage a multi-sensory approach to learning number formation:

  • Shaving Cream Fun: Let your child practice drawing numbers in shaving cream for a tactile and engaging learning experience.
  • Sand Trays: Create numbers in sand for a different sensory experience and additional fine motor practice.
  • Playdough Creation: Encourage your child to mold playdough into different numbers, reinforcing their understanding of shape and form.

What’s Included

  • 3 Leveled Workbooks: Tracing, copying, and writing from memory exercises for each number 0-10.
  • 28 Worksheets Total: Ample practice for each learning stage.
  • Clear, Age-Appropriate Instructions: Easy-to-follow prompts guide children through the activities.
  • Fun Activities: Suggestions for incorporating multi-sensory activities into your child’s learning.

How to Prepare and Use

  1. Print: Print your desired pages, choosing the level(s) that best suit your child’s abilities.
  2. Laminate (Optional): For extended use and easy cleaning, laminate the pages.
  3. Gather Materials: Collect writing utensils, shaving cream, sand, or playdough for additional activities.
  4. Practice: Guide your child through the activities, providing support and encouragement as needed.
  5. Celebrate: Celebrate their successes and create a positive learning experience!


The “My First Writing Numbers Book” is a comprehensive resource for helping children master number formation in a fun and engaging way. By incorporating a leveled approach, multi-sensory activities, and consistent practice, you can empower your child to confidently write numbers and build a strong foundation for their future math success.

Ready to embark on a number-writing adventure? Download our free “My First Writing Numbers Book” and start your child’s learning journey today!

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