Karen George, Speech Pathologist in Chicago, Recommends Speech Buddies for Use During Speech Therapy!

I’d like to share a fun and useful tool I recent discovered that help children master sounds in a fun way. The tool is called Speech Buddies!

Speech Buddies are a clinically-tested way for parents and speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to help children learn correct and consistent tongue positioning for five of the most difficult-to-learn problem sounds – R, S, L, CH, and SH.

Speech Buddies provide a unique tactile prompt that the child can feel with his tongue in order to learn the correct method of pronunciation. Each sound comes with its own individual tool, emblazoned with a color letter and picture of an animal; for example, the R sound features a red rabbit, while the SH sound has a purple shark.

Our patients love the bright case and easy to use tools and Speech Buddies help make therapy fun and exciting, while accelerating therapy at the same time.

Speech Buddies are sold either individually or in the professional set. Care for Speech Buddies is simple; you can use either mild soap and water for cleaning or 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Speech Buddies, though an amazing and incredibly useful tool, are designed for children ages 4 and older. Speech Buddies work best while used in tandem with professional speech therapy with a trained speech language pathologist.

I strongly recommend using it as a tool during therapy – you won’t be disappointed!