Pocket SLP Minimal Pairs – One of the Best Speech Therapy Apps for Parents and Speech-Language Pathologists

The app series “Pocket SLP”, or Pocket Speech-Language Therapist, by Synapse Apps is exactly what it claims. Each of their state-of-the-art apps includes almost anything a practicing speech therapist would need or want in a language development intervention. From data tracking, to specific speech therapy tools, to instant report cards, this app is literally like having a speech therapist’s entire office in your pocket or on your iPad.

Pocket SLP Minimal Pairs focuses on distinguishing between different words that have very similar sounds, such as “stick” and “tick” or “lit” and “let”. This is an integral part of speech therapy for children and is highly recommended for facilitating language development.

The app has almost 800 flashcards that feature side-by-side pictures of the similar words for your child to identify. Pocket SLP Minimal Pairs pronounces each word, familiarizing your child with the words and how they sound when said correctly. By doing this your little one then interacts with the words in both a “receptive” and “expressive” way.

In children’s speech therapy, “receptive” qualities include understanding and apprehension. Your child demonstrates this with the app by acknowledging that the two pictures and words stand for different concepts, even though they may sound similar. The “Expressive” engagement component encourages your child to pronounce the words herself, or to “express” them.

In order to track your child’s progress over time, Pocket SLP Minimal Pairs boasts an impressive data tracking system that offers several possibilities for helping to improve your child’s language development. Speech therapists and parents can identify each of their child’s responses as correct, incorrect or approximate. This data can be transformed into a spreadsheet, a line graph or a report card for your child, all of which can all be printed from the device and uploaded or emailed directly to a computer. This is a great analysis tool for parents and speech therapists to understand the changes in a child’s language development.

The report card that Pocket SLP Minimal Pairs creates with the information is a great way for parents and speech therapists to show students their own progress and to encourage them. Speech therapists also find this useful in breaking down the results for parents about their child’s language development. The report card function even generates homework for the student based on questions or topics they repeatedly miss.

An updated version of Pocket SLP Minimal Pairs gives speech-language pathologists the ability to use the app in a group setting and record the data for several students at once. This data is retrievable at each new session both individually and as part of the group. Additionally, speech therapists can record comments in each record to keep track of a particular student’s struggles and milestones.

In reviews of the app on iTunes, Speech-Language Pathologists rave about the ease and value of this jam-packed app. Kids love using the interactive technology and speech therapists appreciate the convenience and comprehensive design approach in a professional app. Parents find the organization of the app intuitive enough to use on their own, even without formal speech therapy training. Pocket SLP Minimal Pairs is easily one of the best app resources for speech therapists and parents alike – definitely a must-have for your iPhone or iPad app collection.