Karen George, local Speech Therapist in Chicago, releases Speech-Language Milestones book to rave reviews!

Karen George, local Chicago children’s speech therapist, recently wrote and released the book A Parent’s Guide to Language Development Milestones from Birth to 3 Years, as a leading resource for parents and pediatricians.

With the success of George’s rapidly growing practice Chicago Speech Therapy, pediatricians began to seek her out for expert advice on children’s speech and language development to pass on to parents.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive resource on the crucial early years of a child’s language development that appeals to both parents and pediatricians, George wrote this clear and effective guide to empower parents with a greater understanding of how their child’s speech is developing.

“I wanted to help alleviate the anxiety that many parents have about their child’s development that is caused simply by a lack of information,” says Karen George, on why she feels writing the book addresses an urgent issue. “The more parents know, the better they can help their children, either at home or through professional intervention.”

The slim and inviting book covers significant milestones and important red flags at every stage of the language development process. George’s signature tips and activities for each age range offer exciting techniques for parents who are looking to take a more active role in stimulating their children’s speech development.

The guide combines research from esteemed academic and professional sources and presents it in simple, easy to understand charts. George clearly explains technical terms, building a vocabulary for parents to identify their child’s progress and communicate with speech professionals. By pairing these facts with recommended activities, George makes the information relevant to your lifestyle and your family.

Separated into six-month increments from birth to 3 years, the guide is easy to navigate as a quick reference for a specific age or as a comprehensive picture of a child’s expected language development trajectory. George’s engaging style reflects her passion for children’s speech therapy while her useful tips and activities listed for each age group demonstrate her clear expertise.

Parent’s rave about George’s work with children, and it comes as no surprise that they have been praising her book with the same enthusiasm. One reader remarked “Karen’s book is jam-packed with useful information and it is all right there – I don’t have to sift through pages of dry text to find exactly the information I need”. Another parent says of George’s book: “I was able to look at this guide for 5 minutes and determine that I should seek help for my child’s speech delay.”

The book retails for $16.95, but George often provides the resource to pediatricians and parents at no charge. “This is about building a more connected and better informed community of parents and professionals to better serve our children” says George.

Ask your pediatrician about Karen George and her A Parent’s Guide to Language Development Milestones from Birth to 3 Years, or contact her children’s speech therapy practice Chicago Speech Therapy directly to claim your free copy of this invaluable resource.