Chicago Speech Therapy can help your child hit these milestones

Like all lists, this isn’t perfect. Use this as a rough guideline when considering your child. If you have any concerns as a parent, see my information at the bottom of this page. Your toddler may benefit from speech therapy.

General Oral Motor/Feeding Milestones

• 4-6 months- Babies introduced to soft solid foods such as cereals and pureed fruits and vegetables. Cup drinking may also be introduced (6 months)

• 6-9 months- Soft cookies may be introduced as well as ground or lumpy solids.

• 10-12 months-Mashed or soft table foods are introduced; babies will also take most of their liquids from a cup. At 12 months, babies have a controlled bite and are able to bite through cookies.

• 13-15 months- Continued improvement with biting skills and will use a straw or regular cup.

• 16-18 months- Children are given more challenging foods that require chewing, such as meats and vegetables.

• 19-24 months- Children will begin to gain more control of cup drinking and will bite the cup less. They are learning to drink in longer sequences with little or no spillage.

• 2 years- Children are able to manage any type of food they like as they have learned all the skills they need to eat every type of food.

Your Chicago Speech-Language Therapist,
Karen George