Clinical Fellow Program

Collaboration & Community: Despite providing primarily in-home services, our practice maintains a strong commitment to collaboration between clinicians, which is something you can experience through our Clinical Fellow Program. Clinicians frequently consult one another to discuss therapy strategies, ask advice, or simply catch up! Each week, the practice provides a catered lunch for therapists to allow therapists to connect and collaborate about shared clients. Our strong community is something that truly sets our practice apart!

Multidisciplinary Approach: In addition to speech therapy, our practice offers a wide range of other services for children including applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, occupational therapy, and a therapeutic preschool-style program (CST Academy). This approach allows our clinicians to provide the most comprehensive level of care and address the unique needs of every child, not just one aspect of development.

Variety of Therapeutic Settings: Clinicians have the opportunity to gain expertise in multiple therapeutic settings, including in-home and clinic-based therapy, as well as in CST Academy, the practice’s therapeutic preschool-style program. This range of experience allows clinicians to develop a range of valuable experience.

Professional Development: Our clinical fellow program encourages continual personal and professional growth by staying up to date with the latest developments in speech-language pathology. The team of clinicians at Chicago Speech Therapy is incredibly dedicated to helping their patients make great gains, so many clinicians participate in continuing education courses. The team encourages this proactive approach to education!

Grow Alongside the Best & Brightest: The practice is extremely selective about hiring other clinicians, so you will be growing in your practice alongside other top clinicians. Whether you are just starting out in the field or have been practicing for many years, you will have the opportunity to grow at Chicago Speech Therapy by working alongside dedicated therapists from across the country through our clinical fellow program opportunity.